feet [fēt]
pl. of FOOT
feet of clay
a weakness or defect of character (in an otherwise strong person)
get one's feet wet
to have or get one's first experience in some activity or pursuit
have one's feet on the ground
to be practical, realistic, etc.
on one's feet
1. in a standing position
2. firmly established
3. in a sound or recovered condition
4. alert(ly)
5. without preparation; extemporaneously
sit at the feet of
to be an admiring disciple of
stand on one's own two feet or stand on one's own feet
to be independentsweep ( or carry) someone off his ( or her) feet
sweep someone off his feet or sweep someone off her feet or carry someone off his feet
to inspire strong and immediate enthusiasm, love, etc. in someone
to one's feet
to a standing position

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